1. Always follow the U.S. and Arizona Constitutions.

2. Uphold all constitutional rights, including the freedom of conscience, religion, speech, and for citizens to keep and bear arms.

3. Advocate for strong, healthy families, the essential building blocks of society.

4. Support full parental rights over their children (minors, juveniles), including within public schools.

5. Protect children (minors, juveniles) from neglect, abuse, sexualization, prostitution, pedophiles, and trafficking.

6. Promote the social security of the retired, and care for our elderly to the end of their lives.

7. Protect all human life, unborn and born.

8. Resist biological men competing in women’s sports, standing for the rights of women.

9. Address addiction and mental healthcare in Arizona, especially among men and the homeless.

10. Support free markets (economic freedom) and Arizona’s growing economy, including small businesses, tourism, farms, ranches, and mines.

11. Defend private property from government overreach, including homes, businesses, financial assets, and land.

12. Keep Arizona’s budget balanced, government regulations limited, and taxation low.

13. Evaluate the necessity and effectiveness of Arizona’s executive departments (agencies) to cut excessive government spending.

14. Promote a competitive educational marketplace, including school options for parents and Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.

15. Strengthen Arizona’s legal justice system, including police and border enforcement, for the purpose of securing public safety and order.

16. Support Arizona’s first emergency responders, including firefighters and medical personnel.

17. Responsibly maintain and expand Arizona’s infrastructure as our population grows.

18. Partner to manage the priority and future of Arizona’s secure water, energy, and food supply.

19. Secure the integrity of elections in Arizona, especially in Maricopa County.

20. Conserve Arizona’s beautiful outdoors and parks—assuring clean water/air, prosperous populations of fish/birds/animals, up-kept hiking trails, and abundant recreational options.